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Soakwells Perth

Save your property from flood damage with a quality Perth soakwell

Soakwells are key to improving your Perth property’s drainage and ensuring excess stormwater is safely directed away. Generally, this water will collect on a roof or specified permeable ground area before it travels through piping to the soakwell. Not only do soakwells play an important role in managing stormwater runoff, but they can also help to recharge groundwater resources, which is especially important in areas with low rainfall, like Perth during summer.

You can see the effects of poor drainage quite easily by simply pointing a running hose at the same spot in your garden for a few moments. It doesn’t take long for the water to overwhelm the surface. In the same way, if rainwater is allowed to collect unchecked, it can compromise the concrete foundations and the structural integrity of your building.

An undeveloped lot is essentially a large permeable area, until the home foundations, driveways and other paving are installed. These impermeable areas need properly planned drainage and soakwell inclusion to avoid flooding, soil erosion and collapse. Because even the best drainage systems can fail during periods of heavy storms and rain.

What are soakwells made from?

Soakwells come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons to ensure you select the right type for your property needs. They can range in size from just a few litres to several thousand. Most commonly, soakwells are made from concrete or polypropylene. Both types of soakwell will help you avoid damage to your Perth property and ensure compliance.

Concrete soakwells are the traditional type, with unmatched durability and load-bearing capacity. They last a long-time and rarely need any form of maintenance. But they’re also heavy and cumbersome to install, making them expensive.

Polypropylene or poly soakwells are the more modern, affordable option. They’re highly configurable, which makes them useful for a variety of space and storage requirements, and while not as thick as concrete, they’re still incredibly strong — despite being lightweight.

For most residential purposes, a poly soakwell is more than sufficient, but we can discuss your specific requirements. 

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Do I need a soakwell?

In Perth, soakwells are essential. Most councils across Western Australia have legislation requiring all stormwater that lands on a property to be retained on that same property. That means it can’t flow onto public properties or into neighbouring areas. If it does, you may be found liable.

The most common, proven method for retaining water on a site is through a soakwell. Ideally, they’re installed when your slab goes down, but if you need to upgrade or replace your existing soakwell system, we’re here to help.

Why Choose Bluewater Tanks?

At Bluewater Tanks, we provide quality soakwells in different sizes and materials, and we’ll make sure yours is ideal for the rainfall your property gets and the dispersion it requires.

There are many contributing factors, from your local government regulations to the size of your building and your lot zoning, that may impact your Perth soakwell needs. Luckily, with over 50 years of experience with water tanks and storage solutions, we’ll be able to best advise you.

Chat with us today on 1300 668 570 or contact us online for all your Perth soakwell needs.

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