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Leach Drain Kit – Single Leach Drain 9.36metres


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THIS 9.36 LONG DRAIN KIT comprises 52 Lge Plates and 39 Sm Plates.

Features and Benefits

Strong structural design – can be installed under driveways, carparks and other trafficable areas, therefore, increasing the use of valuable land.
Infiltration – a large permeable area including sides and ends.
Larger volumes with fewer modules – projects require fewer modules resulting in less assembly time.
Chemically inert – the units will not be affected by harmful chemicals, therefore increasing the product life.
90mm and 150mm Cut Out Guides for DWV – Allows for simple pipe connection therefore less time is taken for installation.
UV Stabilised – for increased product life.
100% Recycled Polypropolene – Environmentally friendly.
Modular – The units interlock vertically and position horizontally to create any size and shape required.
Lightweight – easy to handle. No crane is required.
Flat Pack Form – Easy to transport and save on bulky transport expenses.
Manufactured in Australia.

Each Drain well Module is made up of a number of large and small plates. Each large plate measures 720mm long x 400mm wide x 20mm high. Each small plate measures 400mm long x 440mm high x 20mm wide. One complete Drain well module measures 720mm long x 400mm wide x 440mm high.


Normal Duty – maximum load of 23.66 t/m2
These modules feature three small panels (with one internal panel)

Heavy Duty – maximum load of 29.76 t/m2
These modules feature four small panels (with four internal panels)

Extra Heavy Duty – maximum load of 32.42 t/m2
These modules feature five small panels (with three internal panels)