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Water Pumps

Comprehensive range of water pumps including automatic pressure, water transfer, submersible and more

When you need to direct water somewhere, you need a pump.

Water pumps have a range of applications and purposes, both residential, commercial and agricultural. You may use one to drain water from a flooded area, fill a swimming pool, for irrigation, or to circulate water in your fish pond. Water features and fountains are all powered by water pumps – for every situation you need to increase water pressure, there is sure to be a pump to suit.

How do water pumps work?

A water pump is a mechanism used to increase the pressure of, and supply, a flow of water. This can be achieved in several ways. The most common way in which modern pumps function is by drawing in fluid with an inlet portion of the pump, then compressing it within the unit’s components (pistons, blades etc), and finally passing it along to an outlet. 

Broadly, water pumps work using centrifugal force or positive displacement.

Centrifugal pumps use centrifugal force that is generated to drive a rotating impeller. As it spins, water is pulled in and then pushed out through the discharge outlet.

Positive displacement pumps don’t rely on centrifugal force, but instead, use a mechanism to push water into the discharge outlet. A simple example of this is an irrigation pump, which uses a diaphragm to push water through small nozzles in drip tubes. 

Types of water pumps

There are various kinds of water pumps, including low and high-lift pumps, solar-powered pumps, well pumps, and more. 

Submersible pumps are a type of positive displacement pump often used for moving water over great distances or uphill, thanks to a high-pressure output. The motor and impeller sit outside the body of water being pumped, with the actual pump unit submerged under the surface. Water enters through a strainer and as it passes over the impeller, it is drawn into the pump and pressurised before exiting through an outlet.

Common uses for submersible pumps include moving irrigation runoff through a pipe to drainage or an adjacent property, in sewage treatment plants and rainwater harvesting systems.

When you need to move a high volume of water between two different locations at low pressure, a water transfer pump can be just what you need. A typical application for a water transfer pump is for filling an above-ground pool, or for aquariums and fish ponds, where an additional pump can provide aeration to make your fish happy and healthy.

If you’re in chemical production or waste management, you need a pump that is resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Chemical pumps are made to not react with chemicals that are being transferred, avoiding damage or erosion, while trash pumps are designed for transferring solids through a pipe without clogging the system – ideal when you need to move larger pieces of debris. These pumps are commonly used in stormwater management and recycling. Trash pumps are an efficient way of moving large volumes of water with low levels of solids – perfect for draining water away from work sites quickly and easily.

Tired of filling tanks by hand? You need an automatic pressure pump. These pumps sit on top of the tank and use a switch to control when water is dispensed, so your garden never goes thirsty again. Ideal for small jobs like watering the vegetable patch or landscaping, they’re also useful in larger applications such as drip-line irrigation systems.

Bluewater Tanks also offers a range of high-pressure firefighting pumps, built and tested to stringent Australian standards. These pumps can be used in emergencies for fire defence, and also for a range of situations where high water flow is beneficial, such as construction site dust suppression and deep cleaning machinery.

Why Choose Bluewater Tanks?

Since 1996, we’ve provided an extensive range of water pump sizes and flow rates to the people of WA, including 12V and 240V options. 

From automatic and submersible pumps to specialist firefighter, chemical and water transfer pumps, we can offer the perfect system along with all the necessary accessories you may need, such as controllers, pump covers, pits, connector kits, and more.

We also stock a range of pressure tanks to keep stored water under specific pressure. 

Not sure what you need? Our team can advise of the best water pump for your unique requirements. 

Chat with us today on 1300 668 570 or contact us online for all your underground water and rainwater tank needs.

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