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Bore Pumps Perth

Draw your groundwater with confidence using a quality Perth bore pump

If you’re in Perth and looking for a bore pump, you’ve come to the right place. At Bluewater Tanks, we stock a massive selection of AC and DC (solar) bore pumps for a range of applications, including irrigation, domestic and industrial purposes.

Bore pumps are the specific kind of pump that extracts water from a bore hole, and can be submersible or surface-mounted. We carry the efficient submersible kind – already submerged in liquid, so you never have to prime it.

What to look for in a bore pump

When choosing a bore pump, it’s essential to consider the required flow rate and your preferred power source. We carry DAB submersible solar borehole pumps, which have a long list of benefits.

Easy to use and low maintenance, our DAB solar bore pumps are popular throughout Perth and in more rural and remote areas where accessing the main power grid is difficult. Common applications include supplying water to domestic dwellings, irrigation of gardens and nurseries, horticultural and agricultural water supply, filling of storage tanks and cisterns, extreme lifts to storage tanks and off-grid water supplies.

The DAB 4″ borehole pumps are designed for 4-inch wells or larger and are capable of generating a wide range of flows and heads.

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Benefits of solar-powered bore pumps

There are many reasons why it pays to use a solar-powered bore pump and take advantage of Perth’s most abundant resource – the sun.

Solar energy can be charged and stored in a battery, improving efficiency when it’s nighttime or overcast. A traditional mechanical pump uses kinetic energy and positive displacement to move water. Solar systems use electricity instead, collected via silicon cells in photovoltaic panels that absorb UV energy, which is then converted to electrical energy.

There are three main benefits to solar bore pumps in Perth. First, they can be stored just about anywhere. They’re environmentally friendly. And, in the long run, they tend to be more cost-effective.

Our DAB bore pumps use photovoltaic panels with an inverter-type controller that can continually draw water even when sunlight is not as readily available.  The system uses the innovative iCON iSolar motor and controller, with permanent-magnet motor technology for high efficiency.

The iCON iSolar motor is available in two sizes: M110 and M240, with a speed range of 1800 rpm to 3000 rpm depending on the power input and load. The controller offers a multiple-input type that can accept AC or DC power sources directly with an integrated variable frequency drive.

Why Choose Bluewater Tanks?

We’ve got over 50 years of experience in tank sales and working with water supply solutions, including borehole pumps. We only deal with quality brands for all our products, with a standard of excellence we can vouch for, such as DAB.

DAB is a trusted name. Recently merging with Tesla, the Italian company has become a global leader in submersible borehole motors and produces more than 200,000 a year. Their Tesla-designed motors all have ISO 9001-certified processes. So, if you’re looking for the best, we’ll set you up with a top-notch bore pump from DAB.

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