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Water Filters Perth

Improve your water quality with our premium Perth water filters

At Bluewater tanks we stock a wide range of high-quality water filters and cartridges for all manner of residential and commercial applications. The water in Perth is very hard and full of minerals. A water filter installed in your supply will remove those minerals and create fresher, better-tasting water.

You can read more about water filters and how the different kinds work here.

Do I need a filter for rainwater?

Even though it’s generally considered the purest form of water, rainwater is often low in pH, making it acidic. And, it can pick up pollutants and dirt from the atmosphere. Then there’s the risk of contaminants in your tank itself. With Perth often experiencing prolonged periods without rainfall, water that sits in your tank for too long is more susceptible to contamination.

That’s why, even if you’re on rainwater, you should use a filter. We’ve got options to suit every need, from mains filters you install under the sink to tank-fitted and greywater filtration solutions. Here are some of the most popular options.

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Popular water filters in Perth

We’ve got water filters and cartridges to suit households of every size, like our Big Blue range of FDA-grade sediment and carbon block filters. Designed for areas where high flow rates are needed, such as a whole house or commercial premises, our Big Blue filters are ideal for removing incoming sediments, chlorine, chemicals and odours from your water supply at a minimal cost.

For industrial applications, we have filter and controller systems like the UV Guard S-Series, with models such as the S125 ideal for medium commercial settings. It’s a low-maintenance, WaterMark-certified 9.07 m3/hr water disinfection system with a premium 316 stainless steel UV reactor chamber

For gardening purposes, filters like the G-Flow will take all the water from your bathroom, washing machine and evaporative air conditioner and ensure it’s not going to be toxic for your garden beds. It’s an economical option and easy to install in both new and existing homes, to keep your garden looking lush and green

If you’re in Perth and using your own rainwater tank, filters like our Downpipe Flush Water Diverters will improve the quality of your water and reduce tank maintenance. Designed to be installed on the downpipes that supply water to your tank, they prevent that first flush of water from getting inside, as this often contains roof contaminants — including everything from decomposed insects and bird droppings to concentrated tannic acid.

The cleaner, filtered water will help to increase the longevity of your rainwater pumps and your internal appliances such as washing machines, toilets and hot water systems. 

Why Choose Bluewater Tanks?

With 50 years of experience at Bluewater Tanks, we only sell quality filters and rainwater filtration solutions. Our selection includes sediment, carbon, mechanical and UV filters, plus a range of controllers and cartridges. Almost all our products are built to meet Australian standards such as AS3497.

Whether it’s for your home or an industrial site, we’ll help you find the best water filter for your specific needs.

Chat with us today on 1300 668 570 or contact us online for all your Perth water filter needs.

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