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Rainwater Tanks Perth

A wide range of rainwater tanks for homes in Perth and across WA

Whether you’re in regional WA or closer to Perth, there are many reasons why you might want to source your own water supply with a rainwater tank.

Rain’s a valuable resource, and having your own supply can lower your water bills, help keep your garden looking green and lush, and provide water when rain is scarce. Or, if you live in an area that’s prone to bushfires, like the eastern hills of Perth, rainwater tanks can provide an emergency water supply. Overall, it’s also a more sustainable way to live.

Owning a rainwater tank can significantly reduce your mains water usage — for an average family, by up to 30 or even 40%. That’s a big saving come bill time.

What to consider when choosing a Perth rainwater tank

If you’re thinking of installing a rainwater tank on your property, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First is your household consumption. The amount of water your household uses on an average day will determine the size of the tank you need. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a tank that holds at least a month’s supply, so for a home that uses 7,000L a week — roughly the average for a family of four in WA — that’s a 28,000L tank. But this varies greatly.

The size of the tank will also be dependent on how much space you have. We offer many rainwater tank sizes to suit properties across Perth, from small slimline tanks that can fit under your eaves to much larger tanks that supply entire farms. Our range includes both aboveground and underground tanks.

There are also the unique considerations of your area, including its average rainfall and whether your local council requires a building application to install a rainwater tank. Most Perth councils do.

Finally, there’s the tank material.

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Choosing a water tank material

At Bluewater Tanks we broadly sell four different kinds of water tanks to our Perth and wider WA customers.

Poly water tanks, made from high-density polyethylene, are some of our most popular. They’re affordable, durable and made to Australian/New Zealand standards. Plus, they’re available in a range of sizes, from slimline to 50,000L and more.

Concrete water tanks are the traditional tank material and offer maximum strength and longevity. The innate properties of concrete naturally balance the rainwater, and some say, even improve the taste. However, they’re also more expensive.

Steel water tanks are the highest quality tank and are generally used when storage is the number one priority. They’re easy to maintain and resistant to contamination. We offer Kingspan steel tanks made from ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel.

Why Choose Bluewater Tanks?

Over 50 years of tank sales makes Bluewater Tanks a leader in the industry, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer service. Whether you’re in Perth, the South West or somewhere else in WA, our team will help you find the perfect rainwater tank for your property.

Chat with us today on 1300 668 570 or contact us online for all your Perth rainwater tank needs.

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