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Rainsaver RS4E Changeover Device & BIA-42AMCX Pump – Auto Restart Package


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Included in the Package:

Rainsaver MK3E Changeover Device
10 metre 12V Low Voltage Float Kit
Auto Restart Controller
The Rainsaver MK3E

The Rainsaver MK3E is an electronic water tank/mains water change-over device that automatically switches between tank water and the main supply. Not only does it help conserve water but it helps conserve energy too because it’s easy to install.

The Rainsaver MK3E provides mains backup for Pressure Pump supply systems. The Rainsaver MK3E can be purchased separately and fitted to any brand of independently controlled, electronic or pressure switch-operated pump pressure system (can be used with a pump fitted either with a press control or with a pressure switch and air tank).

The Rainsaver works as follows: when there is rainwater in the tank, the MK3E runs on tank water. When the tank water runs out, the MKIIIe will automatically switch to mains water. When the tank fills again with rainwater, the MKIIIe will automatically switch back to the tank water.

The Rainsaver MK3E changeover device supplies clean rainwater from a rainwater tank via an automatic pressure system pump to toilets, laundry and garden taps in a household. Mains water is also connected to the RainsaverMK3E as an automatic backup should the rainwater level be too low, or if there is a power or pump* failure. (*Should there be a pump failure, mains backup is achieved by turning the RainsaverMK3E off at the PowerPoint.)

The Rainsaver MKIIIE is designed to operate with pumps up to 800kPa and will allow for up to 100 Litres per minute of flow. The low voltage float switch supplied prevents the pump from running dry and allows an automatic switch over to the mains supply should the rainwater level in the tank be too low.


12V Low voltage Float.
WaterMark approved for connection to all town water supplies.
Aesthetically designed and requires no weatherproofing.
For self-controlled pumps up to 1.5hp, 1.1kW, 240V.

BIA-B42A Submersible Pump
Designed for AWTS and rainwater tanks. Ideal for dewatering of cellars and garages. Can pump clean or slightly dirty water.


Slotted strainer
Built-in 83mm pump riser

Improves water flow and stops the strainer from blocking
Draws water at higher oxygen levels
Reduces anaerobic intake

Eliminates pump failures due to blocked strainers
Improves water quality by reducing the intake of algae and anaerobic matter which makes the water smell bad and discolours clothing
2-Year Bianco Pumps Warranty

Approved for Drinking Water AS/NZS4020

5 Star Energy Rating

The BIA-B42A Submersible Pump can also be purchased separately. Click here to view this product.


Option Available:

An additional 10-metre low voltage float switch extension lead (includes Scotchlok jointers to connect to existing float switch)