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Grey Flow PS – Builders Package


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  • Compact system ideal for tight and narrow sites.
  • Small footprint that would suit almost any site conditions.
  • Easy to install with reduced excavation requirements.
  • 4″ Inlet and outlet for “Whole of House” and commercial applications.
  • Can spread the greywater over a large garden area (combined with the 6 stations GF Rotor and the GF Drip Tube the system can cover a garden area as large as 480 square metres).
  • Low once-a-year maintenance requirement (if the self-cleaning mechanism is selected). Monthly maintenance is required with the standard unit.
  • Due to the tank size and shape, the desludging maintenance work prescribed for in tank-based systems is not required.
  • Having the system installed in two stages minimises the risk of theft of equipment from the site during the building process.
  • Easily adjustable height level. Can be used with very deep sewer pipes (up to 3 metres).
  • Two-Stage installs in new homes reduce installation costs.
  • Builders Kit – is to be installed by a licensed plumber at the pre-lay stage of construction for new homes on a cement foundation.
  • Finishing kit – can be installed by a Grey Flow accredited installer at the house finishing stage before laying of paving.
Product Options:
There are three different product options available:
  • Purchase the Builder’s Kit Only.
  • Purchase the Finishing Kit Only.
  • Purchase both the Builder’s and Finishing Kits together.
Upgrade Options (only available with the Finishing Kit):
  • Pump – The standard pump in the unit allows for up to an 8-metre head at 180 litres per minute. You can choose to upgrade the pump to the 20m head, 180 litres per minute version.
  • Self Cleaning Mechanism – You can choose to include the Self Cleaning Mechanism with this unit. This is wall mounted above the ground and reduces the maintenance for cleaning the filters from once per month to once per year.
 Please Note: pricing is for the supply of the unit only and does not include installation.


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