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G-Flow System – For Above Ground & Plug & Play Installs


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With easy installation into both new and existing homes, the Gflow is the economical option to keep your gardens green. Using water from either the washing machine, the bathroom or the evaporative air conditioner, the Gflow diverts, filters and disperses the water to the garden via the GF Drip-Tube.


  • Economical and compact automated design.
  • Easy self-installation in both new and existing homes.
  • Clog-resistant, vortex pump with thermal protection.
  • Simple, robust, reliable design with no controller.
  • Innovative self-drain and auto-de-sludge mechanism.
  • Diverts the Grey Water from one 50mm (2″) connection.
  • Manually isolated when water is not required.
  • Easy, hygienic and low maintenance (3-6 months) with:
    • Easy to pull-out sludge trap basket.
    • Extra-large 4 layers graded vertical filter.
  • Watermark and IAPMO certified
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Can be set above ground, partially buried or wall-mounted (with enclosed mounting brackets)
  • Can convert a hand-moved single outlet hose from the washing machine to a multiple zone (up to 6) watering system when used in conjunction with the GF Rotor.
  • Can spread water over a large area when used in conjunction with the GF Drip-Tube irrigation kits.
  • Requires 240/110 Volts power supply (100 Watt pump).
  • Use no smaller than a 25mm pipe on the discharge.
  • Grey Water pipe to be at ground level or higher.
  • Pump duty: 6.5m head and 70 litres per minute.
Upgrade Option:
  • Upgrade to air-assisted self-cleaning mechanism Air Pump (200 Watts)

Dimensions: 320mm high x 610mm long x 280mm wide.

Please Note: pricing is for the supply of the unit only and does not include installation.

Click here for information on Josh’s house – a sustainable project that has utilised the Glow system.

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