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1600 Litre Underground Rain Water Tank – Hercules

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The Herkules-Tank® can be used for above and below ground installation. The volume can be increased by simply connecting multiple tanks in series.

Above ground The Herkules-Tank® can be installed in the shed, the cellar or simply in your garden.

Underground The Herkules-Tank® can also be installed underground. Suitable for areas with a high water table. Tanks can be connected in series.

Ease of Transport
Each half of the Herkules-Tank® only weighs 30kg. Each half of the Top®-tank only weighs 15kg. This allows ease of transport and manual installation. The tank halves fit through any doorway (80cm width and above).

Patented Pipe Connection Mechanism
The two tank halves are quickly and easily joined together, using the snap-on connectors supplied – no screws needed. The tanks can be taken apart at any time.

Secure seal Laboratory tests estimate the tank joint seal to have a life-span of more than 25 years. Tank design and connections have all been tested to an approved standard (TÜV).

10 Year manufacturer’s warranty.