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At Bluewater Tanks, we understand the pivotal role that safety plays in every aspect of water solutions. Our Safety category is dedicated to providing products that ensure the utmost protection and security in handling, storing and using water. We’ve collated the best of safety-focused products from brands you trust, including Bianco Pumpz, Big Blue, CNP Pumps, DAB Pumps, and more. Whether you’re managing domestic, rural, commercial or industrial applications, our safety products are designed to minimise risk and maximise peace of mind. From safety features integrated into our Adblue tanks and septic tanks to the protective elements in our firefighting units, our safety-centric products are engineered to withstand Australia’s harsh climate conditions. As an industry leader based out of Bunbury, Western Australia, we have over 50 years of combined experience in tank sales, manufacturing, and installation. We leverage this extensive knowledge to ensure that safety is paramount across our product range. The Safety category embodies our commitment to delivering secure and reliable water solutions nationwide. Our steadfast dedication to safety extends to refurbishing old steel liners and concrete water tanks, where we diligently adhere to rigorous safety standards. We’re proud to be the agents for Steelfab Global in the South West and Great Southern areas, showcasing products like the Aquaculture Tank that exemplify engineering excellence in safety. At Bluewater Tanks, safety is not just a commitment—it’s our promise

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