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Steel Liner Rain Water Tanks

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Bluewater Tanks are the South West and Great Southern exclusive agent for Steelfab Water Solutions.

The Steelfab Aquadome Tanks are designed and built to withstand Australia’s harsh climate conditions. These steel liner tanks are purposefully designed to not only withstand the extreme weather temperatures but also are robust enough to take whatever the Wild West can throw at it. They now carry a 25 year pro-rata warranty. The stringently engineered Aquadome water tank gives farmers and rural property owners a safe, reliable water storage product that has greater strength, with minimal liner movement. Two very important objectives have been achieved in the manufacture of these tanks; structural integrity and minimal movement of the liner.

How important is your water? We place very high importance on saving water and only use a liner that is capable of being repaired while either wet or dry. It is paramount to us that people in rural or remote areas know that in the possible event of a leakage, their liner can be repaired without having to lose too much water.

We service the South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia regularly travelling throughout these areas to build rural water storage tanks, as well as repairing other tank manufacturers’ water tanks, liners and tank roofs. Click here to see our Liner & Refurbishments page.

In rural areas, It’s now becoming more common to see multiple large-capacity storage water tanks on properties, especially where there is plenty of rainwater catchment from multiple shed roofs. The main reason for this is that it is far more cost-effective and affordable to install four 250,000 Litre tanks compared with the cost of installing a single 1,000,000 Litre tank. The other advantage of doing this is that you can always start with one tank and add to it when you are ready. Often people think if there hasn’t been much rain, why get a larger rural water tank? The truth is that eventually the rain will come and it’s then that you need to store it. It’s important to store as much as possible when you get the chance. “You can never have too much water”

Water Storage Tanks
Bluewater Tanks draws on extensive expertise to provide the highest quality advice on commercial, industrial and fire-water storage tank systems. Each tank project has our individual attention so that our valued clients can have the confidence in knowing that the solution we provide will meet all their requirements.

Domestic Water Tanks​
A reliable safe water storage tank is one of the most important items you will ever invest in, after all, we cannot live without clean water! Bluewater Tanks understands this and that is why we have chosen to work with the leaders in the industry for both design and material strength.

With our commitment to providing tanks that are of high quality, cost-effective and have longevity we supply an extensive range of water storage tanks.

These tanks are designed to all relevant Australian Standards and rated for the storage of potable or drinking water. This means that you can have complete peace of mind when you invest in your family’s health, wellbeing and future.

Click here to view our Steel Liner tank sizes.

The following accessories are standard on all steel liner tanks:

Food grade certified ELVALOY liner to AS/NZS 4020:1999 Standards.
1 x Inlet filter basket to match tank colour with mosquito-proof removable leaf strainer.
1 x Access hatch to match the colour of the tank (Manhole).
1 x 90mm Male alloy overflow outlet with the overflow pipe and vermin proof end cap.
1 x 50mm Male brass outlet with a full flow female ball valve.
1 x 50mm Fire outlet with full flow ball valve and Camlock for fire fighting purposes.
1 x Whirlybird for added anti-corrosion and water quality.
1 x Removable Galvanised Ladder.
Bolt covers for extra safety and aesthetics.
Flashing (edging on the tank roof) for safety and aesthetics.
25 year pro-rata warranty (parts and labour)
All of these fittings and accessories are of the highest quality to ensure longevity and reliability.

With the superior quality of the solid liner that is manufactured in-house to Australian Standards AS4020; Drinking Water. You have complete peace of mind as this liner is strong and flexible and will secure your water better than any other liner can.

Our design team will assist you in tailoring a water storage solution to your needs. Contact us today.