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Mozzie Stoppa

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Mozzie Stoppa™ Screens keep pests like mozzies out of the rainwater tank whilst allowing the tank water to breathe.

Features and Benefits

  • 0.955mm stainless steel screen – moulded into a 90mm or 100mm male and female PVC fitting
  • Allows the tank water to breathe

Installation Instructions

The Mozzie Stoppa™ incorporates a Male and Female press-fitting that does not require solvent cement glue to install. To install, simply press the fitting into the overflow outlet. When selecting a location for the Mozzie Stoppa™ consideration must be given to maintenance, the Mozzie Stoppa™ must be removable to allow cleaning of the stainless steel Mozzie screen. It is important that the Mozzie Stoppa™ is not glued to the pipe outlet for easy maintenance.