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Blue Mountain All Steel Gutter Mesh


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Blue Mountain All Steel Gutter Mesh is a custom-made gutter protection solution that suits all roof types.  It is incredibly strong and is the only product on the market that includes a COLORBOND® steel profile that ensures the mesh lies perfectly flat. Not only does this improve functionality, but it ensures the finished product looks like a seamless addition to your roof.  It is also available in any colour on the COLORBOND® colour chart.

Designed and made in Australia as part of a complete rainwater collection and storage system, Blue Mountain All Steel Gutter Mesh is the ultimate gutter solution.

  • Available in 4mm or 5.4mm aperture to suit any requirement or condition.
  • Designed for optimum leaf shedding whilst allowing sunlight and wind into the gutter system so it dries out quickly after rain.
  • Utilises a hot-dipped, galvanised (zinc-coated) steel that is rust-proofed and oven-baked with the highest quality steel fixings and flashings.
  • Fits all gutter profiles and can be adapted to fit all roof types including metal, tile and shingle.
  • Custom made and comes in a large range of colours to match all modern metal and tile roofs, making it an attractive improvement to the home.
  • Screws comply with AS2331.1 and Surefastener Certification Scheme technical specifications and can match any colour on the COLORBOND® colour chart.
  • Non-combustible material that meets all Australian Standard requirements (AS3959-2009) for the construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.
  • Conforms to the Building Code of Australia (BCA-2009).
  • Comes with a 12-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Available in Rolls or Sheets

Blue Mountain All Steel Gutter Mesh can be purchased in rolls of up to 30 metres, or sheets in 900mm lengths.

Rolls – Most of our customers prefer to purchase our All Steel gutter mesh in rolls. Installing mesh to long sections of the gutter using rolls saves time and reduces joins.

Sheets – Each sheet is overlapped slightly and joined using special stitching screws. Sheets can be useful for short sections, and come with a moulded edge that can clip/fasten onto the edge of the gutter. This means you do not require as many screws to fix to the gutter edge, making it easier to temporarily remove mesh sections if required.

All Blue Mountain Mesh® is sold in kit form including all componentry.

Pricing is per metre and does not include installation.

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