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400 Litre Self Contained Diesel Tank with Pump


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Muti-Tech’s self-contained diesel units have all fittings and pump safely undercover.


  • Fits all ute trays
  • Freestanding or pin-mounting provision to tray
  • Pump cover to protect pump and fittings from weather and damage
  • Transfer pump includes 40LPM pump, 50mm vented filler cap, 4m fuel hose, electrical leads and clamps plus trigger nozzle
  • Lightweight and compact units – saves tray space and allows easy on/offloading
  • Automatic trigger nozzle as standard
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Pump and other components not manufactured by the main manufacturer are covered by their own manufacturer’s warranty.
Please Note: This unit is for use with diesel only. The tank must be secured to the vehicle and safe working practice observed. Some fuel distributors have specific filling requirements – check with your supplier before ordering. Bluewater Tanks and MultiTech is not liable for any damage or loss through improper use of this equipment.