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1,700 Litre Vintage Bin – Rectangular


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This bin is very popular for small-batch fermentation in the wine industry.

This bin has also been used as a small bund and also a small sump in other applications.

This bin also has a four-way fork entry and pallet trolley entry.


  • Heavy-duty galvanised steel chassis with 4-way rotating fork access.
  • Safely stackable (empty) up to 4 high with the use of stacker blocks.
  • Moulded internal baffle reducing “slop” during transport.
  • No external support frame – i.e. low maintenance. low hazard.
  • Self-supporting moulded structure with foamed core for strength and insulation.
  • Hygienic food grade.
  • Industrial strength.
  • Durable long life.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Weldable.
  • Stackable.
  • Logo/Name-plate option.
  • Rotating fork pockets.
  • Fully UV resistant.
  • Solid polyethylene skin.
  • Expanded polyethylene core.
  • Can be used as open fermenters.

Other Details
Capacity:1700 litres (1.7 tonnes)