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Tank Liners

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A Liner for Every Occasion

We supply a full range of liners to allow for the storage of Potable (Drinking) Water, Waste Water and a range of other liquids including acids and alkalis.

Our liners are expertly manufactured to Australian Standards (AS4020; Drinking Water) in Western Australia by Steelfab Water Solutions utilise two main material types.

0.55 Potable Elvaline Liner

As the world is increasingly changing, new technologies are providing benefits for a rapidly growing population and challenges to the environment. In a country like Australia, we can’t afford to take our precious water resources for granted. With the unseasonable weather conditions, water storage in Australia is an extremely high priority, therefore containment methods must be matched with quality materials.

BMS, the manufacturer of the liner material used by Bluewater Tanks, takes pride in supplying superior quality Tank Liners to Australians with confidence that their products will always be able to continually meet a varied and often difficult range of applications.

The BMS Elvaline Liner is made from a high molecular weight polymer sheet created with Dupont Elvaloy® technology. This allows their membrane liners to be used within the specialty market with confidence that the product will meet the demands of high performance, chemical resistance and ease of fabrication.

Dupont Elvaloy® is a technology that has been proven over numerous decades internationally and is recognised as a superior product.

With the combination of certified Portability and excellent chemical resistance, Evaline is a product that offers low portability, ease of compounding and manufacturing and ultimately an outstanding life.

0.75 Duplex PVC Liner

This liner is primarily used in industrial applications where a tougher and even more robust solution is required. It is a laminated product so is very strong to cope with harsh conditions including having to hold various materials including even acids and alkalis.

It is for these reasons in our opinion that make our liners superior to others commonly available elsewhere on the market. Being superior and warranty backed quality gives you complete peace of mind as it secures your water better than any other liner can.

Contact Us for a Quote

To request a quote to refurbish your tank or supply and install a new liner to your tank please click here or call us direct on 08 9847 4484 or 1300 668 570.

We mainly cover the South West and Great Southern Regions of Western Australia. However, we can also travel further afield if required.

For the quickest response please supply us the type of tank you have (e.g. Concrete or Steel) as well as the diameter and internal height of your tank.

It is also important to let us know what is being stored in the tank and if there are any chemicals in the water. If you have any photos of the tank, this will also assist us in our recommendations for fitting the liner or roof to your tank.